Ask me anything.  I am not qualified to answer on most subjects, but I WILL have an opinion.

Here we go!

Dear MF Cookie,

I am going on a weekend long trip with my mom, big sister, younger little sister, and a bunch of their friends and one who I’d consider mine too, and all the kids. They are insisting on everyone buying unicorn outfits for a picture and I don’t really want to spend $20 on something I’ll wear once. What should I do? Buy and re-sell? My frugal, utilitarian world view is not allowing me to see this as fun or cute.


Not a Unicorn

What’s up Not a Unicorn!

What did you last spend $20 on?  Dinner?  An extremely large bag of glutinous rice?  A 12 pack of beer?  How did you feel about those purchases?

I suspect that you are meeting your commitments and can afford this.  But you’re vexed about having another stupid t-shirt.  Fundamentally, this is not the purchase of a t-shirt.  That changes the decision from should I buy stuff or should I do stuff (in a stupid t-shirt).

This weekend sounds like an adventure with lots of silliness.  You want in on all of the that, even if you look terrible in the t-shirt.  Who cares if you look bad anyway?  You are having fun with your people!  Do you remember the last time you wore something ugly, stupid, silly, etc. and how great it made you feel?  You want that.

I mean, you’ve pretty much answered your own question, as you’ve already figured out that you can unload it afterwards (though you may not want to).

It’s cool to be frugal.  It’s cool to be utilitarian  And now and again it’s cool to be a MF Unicorn!